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Log in to your Microsoft account and find the “Security settings” menu.

While 2FA doesn’t totally cloak you from potential hackers, it is an important step in preventing your account from being accessed by unauthorized users.Here’s how to enable 2FA on your accounts across the web.Once verified, you can select trusted devices to bypass 2FA or generate a code to login via a mobile app.The easiest way to turn 2FA on across your Google account (i.e., Gmail, You Tube, or Google Maps) is by heading over to the main 2FA landing page and clicking “Get Started.” You’ll be asked to log in then enter a phone number before selecting to receive verification codes by text message or phone call.These apps follow mostly the same procedure when adding a new account: scan a QR code associated with your account and it will save it in the app.

The next time you need to login, just open up your app to find the six-digit code required to get past security.You can enter your phone number just like everything else on this list, or choose to input your email as an alternative place to receive the verification code.Having an associated email with your Whats App account is important since the service won’t let you reverify yourself if you’ve last used Whats App within seven days and forgot your PIN.For when you lack cell service, click “App passwords” to generate a unique, one-time use password to log in.From your Dropbox homepage on the web, click your profile avatar and find “Settings” “Two-step verification” and hit enable.Once 2FA has been enabled on your Snapchat account, you can add trusted devices or request a recovery code for when you’re planning to be somewhere without cellular service.