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A study published in the 1950s, however, found that menadione prevented tooth decay in hamsters more effectively when injected into their abdominal cavities than when given orally ().While it’s possible that some of the abdominally injected menadione made it into the saliva where it would have direct antibacterial activity, a more likely interpretation is that the abdominally injected menadione protected against tooth decay through its conversion to vitamin K.

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It begins by teaching you everything you need to know about the vitamin, including its benefits, how much you need, and how to get it from food.It includes shareable infographics to make the concepts fun and easy to understand.In other words, calcium fails to go into the right places (bone) and instead goes into all the wrong places (blood vessels and the growth plate cartilage).The evidence that MGP plays the same role in humans is extensive, and the sections below discuss that evidence in the context of each specific health benefit.As described below, different forms of vitamin K reach different tissues to different degrees, so some forms better support some of the health outcomes discussed above than others.

However, all the roles described above can be fulfilled by any form of vitamin K able to reach the relevant tissues. The mechanisms involved are unclear: some studies show that it binds to the steroid X receptor (SXR), while others show that it regulates gene expression through SXR-independent mechanisms.You can share it using the button in the upper right corner, or the buttons on the bottom strip.You can even use the button in the upper right corner to generate an embed code to share it on your own site if you have one.Some show the improvement only in the lumbar spine (lower back) ().Bone mineral density and bone mineral content both increased at the lumbar spine (lower back) and femoral neck (the “ball” that fits into the hip “socket”), although not at the hip itself.The question is whether nutritional doses, which I would define as those under one milligram per day, offer meaningful support to bone health.