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My current favorite is Norwegian Emigration to America 1825-1939.

This exhibition is in three parts: Norway, the Crossing and America.

Then on the left menu panel, read How To Start Tracing Your Ancestry.The next stop is the Digital Archives, under the Quick Links.Each part has introductory text, pictures and links to more information about the immigration experience.Other exhibitions include English Letters Saved From Mystery Shipwreck, Photographs in the National Archives, and The Fight Against Tuberculosis.Now for the nitty-gritty genealogy: From the home page, click Genealogical Research (under Interested In…).

The Before You Visit section suggests the information to find before beginning your Norwegian research—helpful even to those not visiting the archive in person.

These Norwegian genealogy research realities may seem a little intimidating, but they’re not insurmountable with some help.

Fortunately, help is plentiful and easily accessible on websites chock full of digitized Norwegian records and databases, language guides, surname advice and more.

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite online resources for working through Norwegian research challenges and getting comfortable with genealogical research in the records of Norway.

This free site’s historical records make it one of the most useful Norwegian genealogy resources.

If a page comes up in Norwegian, look for a button for English in the menu bar at the top.