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In episode 22, Lee Pritchett received a record breaking low score (for 4 contestants) of 7, obtaining scores of 3, 3 and 1.

Unlike previous series it would be aired in primetime and only feature four guests so that it could be aired as a single weekly hour-long episode.It is alternately titled "Come Dine with Me All in One" (as it is listed on the Channel 4 website).The show's producers instructed her to re-mark her scores or risk being disqualified.Goldstein gave new scores and, having been in first place with 28 points, finished second to fellow contestant Bill Buckley. As with the second series the first week featured celebrities.Both of these episodes are seen as series 2 on the official Come Dine with Me website from Channel 4.

In the episode held in London, contestant Isabelle Goldstein gave low scores to other competitors to improve her own chances of winning.The remaining programmes from the series were held back and aired sporadically during 2007 and even as late as September 2008.Manchester, Birmingham and Kent were not shown during the original run but first aired in 2008, two years later than the premiere of series three and a few months after series four had aired.This episode premiered on Life Style FOOD in Australia the week of 21 to 25 August 2006 as part of the second series.Gloucester was also not shown during the original run but first aired in 2008.Episodes from the first series are also regularly shown on Discovery Real Time, DMAX UK, Discovery Travel & Living, and Discovery Home & Health.