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They have better things to do than to go around banning stuff like this. Am I alone when I say that I often wonder how come a thread with so much illegal music still exists? That was a problem with the debut as well, but it's discouraging to find that those flaws are repeated, not solved. So if anyone owns an actual copy can someone like upload a 256kbps or 320kbps copy? They may get to it eventually, or "Music Request" isn't a term they search for very often. They are much worse (speaking about illegality) than this thread Yeah, but just for the registered members of these forums. It isn't that Garbage's sound is no longer appealing -- it's that high-tech production has a tendency to make the songs sound the same. Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Dulcinea" Without changing the formula too much, they conjured up 12 more hooks, stretching them ever so slightly to make the alternative tunes a bit edgier and the mellow ones a little folkier, and scoring a couple of modest hits along the way with "Something's Always Wrong" and "Fall Down." One of the thematic threads of Toad's music has always been a certain spirituality, a sense of awe and wonder in regard to life and death.

0r4ng3, is it possible that two tracks are missing? ) says there are 12 songs, but there are only 10 in the zip you've uploaded. I posted on the page before this, it's vaguely ska-like, and I like them more than the other bands you requested. Oh well, in case something goes wrong with the Google albums: Absolution ( Black Holes and Revelations ( you upped it, I'd take it, but don't go out of your way. 5jwlcsbydzt Everyone here needs Rain Dogs and Swordfishtrombones. Umm this may be a bit of a long shot but does anyone have any Meshuggah? Holland what do you want, and you'll get it ;) I'm too lazy and screwed up to upload a photo, but I'll upload everything you ask for ;)Feedback is Payback is their first, and infinitely better, album. Dulcinea exploits and explores that theme with reverence and humility, going so far as to close the album with "Reincarnation Song," a delicate examination of a soul's transition shrouded musically by a veil of electric guitar feedback.Then again, you're probably missing the bonus track, New Orleans Is Stinking ( Hi everyone Could anybody upload something by The Specials, Reel Big Fish and Big D? It's the band Blake and Fletcher were seeing when Fletcher "caught the Pop-Punk." Lemuria - Get Better ( Also, they're going on tour with BTMI! No, I was referring to a Nothing Nice To Say Comic: I forget, I found this, too: Tom Waits: Bone Machine Framed by the flawless production of Gavin Mac Killop, every song on this record creates a world of its own that is impossible not to be drawn into. The ones where Wolfbutter couldn't believe I didn't have the Marshall Mathers LP or Illmatic, and my response. 1: The Dream Sequencer" However, the band does indeed perform with a late-'90s edge, while also maintaining a consistently identifiable sound and style as many of these textural soundscapes are enhanced by sweet-tempered vocals, layered synths, and seductive melodies that skirt the fringes of ambient electronica and classic progressive rock. Still, when Garbage pull it all together, the results are irresistible, and there are just enough moments on the album -- including "Special," "Push It," "Temptation Waits," and "I Think I'm Paranoid" -- to make it a successful follow-up *I actually disagree, and think it's a lot stronger than their debut* Ayreon - "The Universal Migrator, Pt. Instead, it comes through at odd intervals, like the moments of sparse instrumentation on the otherwise lush "Heartattack in a Lay By." Sonically gorgeous and deceivingly complex, In Absentia has the most immediate appeal of anything Wilson has released under this moniker up to this point.

Next time I shouldn't turn down the 'all your life' offer. Next time I shouldn't turn down the 'all your life' offer. That would certainly be deserving of some lovin'.hahaha. What are the odds that you have Damien's entire album and would upload it? Porcupine Tree also continue their Radiohead fascination, although the influence is much less direct than on their last few efforts.

Rob Thomas - "Something to Be" With its anthemic choruses and achingly sincere sentiments, Something to Be is clearly the work of the lead singer/songwriter of Matchbox Twenty, yet it lacks the lean rock-oriented sound of the group's albums, even if it is helmed by Matt Serletic, who has produced all three of the band's records.

By keeping the songs at manageable lengths and avoiding the avant-garde electronica flourishes of the band's early days, Porcupine Tree has grown into a fully realized pop group without cutting any of the elements that also make them an important force in the neo-prog movement.

Take It Back The Vandals - (Live At The House Of Blues) 17.

Unseen Tears of the Albacore The Vandals - (Live At The House Of Blues) 18.

When I Was A Little Girl (original) ( When I Was A Little Girl (rerecorded/better) ( And "Silence" is literally silence that leads into the bonus track. Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace ( band is pretty good, I heard them on myspace and someone uploaded this. One of the best songs on this album, and perhaps their entire catalog, is "Windmills," a moody look at the fragility and futility of existence that will cause not only the exquisite melody to linger with you, but contemplations of your own purpose in life.