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The first British Newspaper Online - Telegraph Online is associated with several print newspapers including The Disability Telegraph, The Asian Telegraph, and New World newspapers which offer a voice to London's 33% ethnic minoritiesand Britain's 6.2 million disabled people.

In 1828, the first telegraph in the USA was invented by Harrison Dyar, who sent electrical sparks through chemically treated paper tape to burn dots and dashes.In 1825, British inventor William Sturgeon (1783-1850) introduced an invention that laid the foundation for a large scale revolution in electronic communications: the electromagnet.Before the line had reached Baltimore, the Whig party held its national convention there and nominated Henry Clay on May 1, 1844.The news was hand-carried to Annapolis Junction, between Washington and Baltimore, where Morse's partner Alfred Vail wired it to the capitol.In 1959, Western Union inaugurated TELEX, which enabled subscribers to the teleprinter service to dial each other directly.

Until 1877, all rapid long-distance communication depended upon the telegraph.

Sturgeon demonstrated the power of the electromagnet by lifting nine pounds with a seven ounce piece of iron wrapped with wires through which the current of a single cell battery was sent.

However, the true power of the electromagnet comes from its role in the creation of countless inventions to come.

While teaching arts and design at New York University in 1835, Morse proved that signals could be transmitted by wire.

He used pulses of current to deflect an electromagnet, which moved a marker to produce written codes on a strip of paper. The following year, the device was modified to emboss the paper with dots and dashes.

This was the first news dispatched by electric telegraph. " sent by "Morse Code" from the old Supreme Court chamber in the United States capitol to his partner in Baltimore officially opened the completed line on May 24, 1844.