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Even though it is listed here as a "Model", this pump would easily feed a boiler on a full size steam launch. This boiler is of the wet firebox water tube type, having several water tubes curving up from the base of the firebox to the main upper part of the boiler. Made by a well known model engineer, this is an excellent example of a "Southworth Engines" Large Duplex (Twin Cylinder) Steam Pump.The pump is double acting & will move a good volume of water and is therefore suitable for feeding a large boiler.

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The engine runs very smoothly & is fitted with a genuine Stuart Displacement Lubricator. This is another Stuart 504 "Babcock" type steam boiler from my collection.

The engine main bearings are fitted with nice "glass" type Brass oilers with a needle valve. This 504 boiler appears to be a later model - when I bought it, the boiler had never been steamed & I have only steamed it a couple of times.

This steam engine was built by my father Mr Geoffrey Stacey in his garden shed It took him several years of Saturday afternoons to complete.

The steam engine was constructed from scrap Brass and copper, virtually all the brass was Cut from a gear box cover and the girders Where made from a old antique brass Mail box lid.

Item number: 000004310 Item category: Stationary steam for sale Item category 2: Boats for sale Title: Stuart turner 5a.

Description: Stuart turner 5a new in stuart green ready to run.

My father entered this steam engine In to several Model engineering competitions And won a Gold and two Silver medals.

My second attempt at building my own Steam engine, this was inspired by the Mamod Minor 2 twin cylinder from 1936 And my imagination of what it might have Evolved in to, if it had stayed in production A twin fly wheeled, twin piston Mamod Minor.

It steams very well and I have used it several times to provide steam for my model steam engines.

I have recently polished the boiler barrel & given the casing a coat of black paint.

Engineering standard is OK and the pump should give years of use. The model features an inbuilt mechanical lubricator too.