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I don’t know who “they” are, but I’m starting to understand what they are saying.

Even just helping out an elderly neighbor or taking cookies to a friend.All of these things help children to learn the importance of serving others.Based on the true story of Louisa Gould, the drama is set during World War II on the Nazi-occupied island of Jersey.Lou took in an escaped Russian POW and hid him over the war's course.My boys have always loved helping out in the kitchen.

It is fun for younger kids, but essential that older boys learn how to cook! Serve it to the entire family, or just make it for yourselves. My boys LOVE creating fun food in the kitchen and helping me with meals.That said, I was also slightly wary of a possible tweeness and the fact that Bill Kenwright Productions are far better known on the theatre scene as opposed to the cinema screen.Those fears were, initially, justified- to start with the scripted dialogue was somewhat stilted and dealt in clichés but crucially, just as my attention started to wane, it slowly but surely began to win me over.The tension mounts as it becomes clear that Churchill will not risk an assault to recapture the British soil, and the island-community spirit begins to fray under pressures of hunger, occupation and divided loyalty.Against this backdrop, Lou fights to preserve her family's sense of humanity and to protect the Russian boy as if he was her own.A cheap asking price and the subject matter drew me to this film.