Stop ipod from automatically updating

I absolutely hate it as well, but there are a few temporary solutions.

Note I have i OS 9 on my i Pad, so this may not work with older OS.

This is particularly important if you’ve decided to jailbreak your device.

The reason for this is that a software update will overwrite your jailbreak, and you likely won’t be able to redo it until the jailbreak community comes out with a new hack.

This will just mean that automatic app updates will only happen when connected to Wi-Fi.

One other thing to note, as seen in the far right screenshot above, if you have Low Power Mode turned on, all automatic updates and downloads will be suspended until the feature is turned off or your battery is sufficiently charged.

You can of course still manually install drivers from each hardware components manufacturer yourself, which is more highly recommended as a standard practice anyhow.

Since Windows 10 is brand new, this may be a frequent and ongoing process for some time.It will still not "automatically" update drivers without you manually performing the driver update by choice.If you have build 1151 or later, the option to do that is no longer present so you only have a choice between automatic updating or no updating.For more help getting the most out of your Apple devices, check out our how to guide.Unfortunately, the current i OS does not allow you to turn off automatic updates.If anyone can find a better solution, I would love to hear it, as I prefer to not have so many apps and data cluttering my device.