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It is a question that often raises passions of almost religious fervour and a search will find many threads on the subject.

I have heard people say that every table in a database should have an identity column and that only those should be used in joins.

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Another option is to create a format file to use with the bulk insert.I would avoid this option if possible as it adds an external object and is more difficult to maintain.In earlier versions of sql server this was the only means of returning the identity value and care had to be taken.This can be useful for dealing with tables with duplicate rows.This means that if a trigger inserts into a table with an identity then that is the value returned.

This means that adding replication or auditing triggers to a database can alter the value of @@identity.It is tempting to assume that the identity values will be allocated in the order of rows in the text file but this is not the case.This is often an issue with unstructured data like XML.If the table has an identity column then a bulk insert will often fail if the identity values are not held in the text file.The easiest way around this is to create a view on the tabke excluding the identity column and bulk insert into the view.In this case an XML block cannot be parsed using the identity values.