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Nevertheless, despite the issues with my hand the gun is legitimately fun to shoot.It’s accurate, it has a good trigger, and most importantly it runs.

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The reset is short and then you’re back in business.

The only complaint I have is that the trigger feels very heavy to me, but then again I’m used to dangerously light competition triggers.

While I understand that for this to be a “true” 1911A1 it needed a thin grip safety, but with Springfield changing so many other details on this gun I feel like this one has been overlooked.

Then again, it’s a brilliant strategy if their goal is to get people to realize how crappy the original grip safety is and upgrade to a “Loaded” or TRP model.

The break is as crisp and clean as an Irish spring morning (or at least what my soap leads me to believe an Irish spring morning would be like) with no creep and no roll whatsoever.

There’s about a quarter inch of prepping to do where there’s practically no resistance and a slippery smooth feel, and then an eighth of an inch of overtravel.The gun’s ability to function under adverse conditions is one of the reasons that it’s still in service today, so I wouldn’t expect anything less.What’s really surprising is that for a gun this cheap is that the trigger is damn near perfect — if a bit heavy.If you’re looking for a competition handgun, then the money and time you’ll spend on modifications alone might make it a better idea to buy a Range Officer or something similar.And if you’re just looking for a home defense gun in .45ACP then I remind you that a Glock 21 is only 0 more, holds three more rounds, and comes with an accessory rail built into the gun. For some people the 1911 is just too pretty to pass up.It’s way too short, and for those of us with big hands it puts nearly all of the force from the recoil of the gun into a very small space on the webbing of your hand.