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I have a knowledge of flying private planes / light aircraft, and an extensive knowledge of ambulances/EMS/emergency rooms/paramedicine in the US.Comments:prefer authors that know the difference between to, too and two; their and there; singular person and plural: in other words use good grammar.While I normally use Australian English, I can set spelling to US if using Word documents.

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I have nothing against pure stroke stories, but don't want to expend my time editing a plotless stroke story.

If you have a pure stroke story with a plot, we can talk.

I'm comfortable editing both British and Australian English and general usage, however may not be fluent in slang or expressions.

I also have extensive knowledge of sailing and nautical subjects, including off-shore and long-distance sailing.

If necessary I can also do the proofreading, but I also know of a number of excellent proofreaders and copyeditors that I've often worked with who may be willing to take on another author.

As a rule, another set of eyes during editing/proofreading passes is always good!

I finished editing for an Author and I am free until he gives me more work. I am very good at finding wrong words, missing letters, weird sentences, etc. Just let me know your preferences and we will go from there! Credentials: I am an author with several stories on SOL and I have assisted to edit for several others.

Feedback to my 1st Author: "Good writing that is very engaging, and your editor / proofreader seems to have done an excellent job." I finished my 1st e Book and am now uploading it. and I believe a lot of low scores I see are due to poor or no editing breaking the flow of your stories. I am retired and have assisted Dual_Writer with a list of characters for his Florida Friends and some of his earlier work. Prefers: As I come to the end of my year of 69, and reach my seventieth birthday today, April 14th, 2009, I have decided to cut back on my editing.

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