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Victims of dog bites are urged to contact the Suffolk County Police Department to file a police report, if warranted. Otherwise, for health concerns related to a dog bite, questions should be directed to the Suffolk County Department of Health Services at (631) 843-0421.Reports of dog bites should also be referred to the Suffolk County Board of Health at (631) 852-5900 as well as the Animal Shelter at (631) 643-9270.

BAARC is open Monday through Friday from am to pm and Saturdays from am to pm.Adoptions are available daily between the hours of am and pm and Saturday from am to pm. Adoption hours are Monday through Friday am to pm as well as Saturdays am through pm.The Shelter acknowledges and supports Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) programs.Currently, there is a low cost TNR program for town residents and businesses caring for feral cats.This rate is calculated on the total intake of dogs and cats regardless of age, condition or temperament.

In the State of New York, cats are considered free roaming animals and, as such, are not labeled as "stray" animals.

For more information, call the Animal Shelter at (631) 643-9270.

Feral cats are a community problem and likely occur because of neglect and miscommunication.

When cats who are not spayed or neutered are allowed to be outdoors for long periods of time roaming a community, the likelihood of feral cats increases.

The Town of Babylon's Department of Animal Control provides its community with several resources to curtail the feral cat population:• Supplies residents and caregivers state of the art traps for the TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) of the feral cats• Supplies low cost TNR vouchers so there is no cost to the residents and caregivers• Hosts regular seminars on the TNR program Each colony of feral cats is unique, as are the dynamics and circumstances of the location.

Feral cats also generally don't leave a community because of lack of food, on the contrary removing the food source will force the cats to roam further for food, cause them stress, and make them quite unhealthy.