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The facts about child sexual abuse can be staggering, but learning them can help us better understand how to protect children.For instance, we know that over 90% of sexually abused children are abused by someone known by the child or family.Learn More prevention training, you’ll meet survivors who lived through child sexual abuse, experienced its immediate and long-term effects, and ultimately were able to find healing.

In the past two blog posts, we’ve discussed childhood trauma, what it is, and its impact on children and adults. We know if individuals get help and have a support system, they can heal. In our last post, we discussed what adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are and the importance of educating ourselves on this important topic.Now we look at the lasting consequences of ACEs as one of the root causes of prevalent lifelong health issues. Belt or Booster Belt fit can vary greatly from one vehicle to another and one child to another.If your child meets Oregon's legal requirements for moving from a booster seat to safety belt but you still have doubts about whether your child fits in the belt in your particular vehicle, then the following simple test can help.One of the best defenses against child sexual abuse is our relationship with children and open, age-appropriate conversations.

Learn More Don’t expect obvious signs when a child is being sexually abused.Commercial Vehicles Oregon's safety belt law requires occupants of privately-owned commercial vehicles transporting 15 or fewer persons to use safety restraints including occupants of shuttles, taxis, limousines and vans.Among these types of vehicles, taxi cab drivers are the only occupants excepted from this rule.ATVs Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is implementing agency laws and rules relating to the use of ATVs.Medical Exemptions ORS 811.220 The Director of Transportation shall issue a certificate of exemption under ORS 811.215 for any person on whose behalf a statement signed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant is presented to the Department of Transportation.Specific wording of statutory requirements can be found at ORS 811.210 - 811.225.