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During filming of The Girl in the Fireplace, she began dating David Tennant and the relationship continued for two years.

Also around this time she appeared in the film Art School Confidential.Like Tennant, she also appeared in an episode of Extras. Sophia Myles played Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson in the Doctor Who story The Girl in the Fireplace.Prior to her appearance on Doctor Who, she was best known for appearing in costume dramas: she appeared in Underworld and as Lady Penelope in the remake of Thunderbirds, along with Ron Cook as Penelope's Driver, Parker.When the private couple left the Duke Of York's Theatre in the West End district of London they made a mad dash for a taxi.

They has been dating for the last couple of months.

Myles has had relationships with actors David Tennant and (to many raised eyebrows) with Charles Dance, who is 34 years her senior.

When asked about it today, Myles becomes endearingly flustered. “I want to give you something good.” Myles looks up after half a minute.

But it was a bonnets-and-breeches outing that gave a 16-year-old Myles her big break a decade and a half ago, when Gosford Park screenwriter Julian Fellowes spotted her in a play at her Isleworth comprehensive and cast the vicar’s daughter as Lady Jane Grey in his 1996 TV series, The Prince and The Pauper.

“He’d come to my school because it was exam time and the private schools wouldn’t let their kids out to film,” explains Myles drily, who still keeps in touch with Fellowes. Parts followed in period pieces, Colditz, the Thunderbirds remake and the thriller Art School Confidential, which also starred John Malkovich.

Myles also starred as Isolde in Tristan Isolde and as Kate Breck in Hallam Foe.