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It may seem trivial, but teaching men about the mechanics of attraction helps a lot compared with teaching them lies.Men should be clear about marriage and sexual morality.That is way we have dating apps now to track and find our special somebody. With our solution, we safely match you with the people you can connect best with.

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It is our most fundamental test for goodness in a man.

Game teaches men how to be good (in our society’s view).

They are the lowest of the low in our society, except perhaps for those most detestable men of all, the omegas who can’t attract a woman at all.

All of our sexual morality is directly anchored to the tingle.

Understanding reality will help men make better informed decisions.

Think of the Christian author I wrote about last week who married a woman who was repulsed at the thought of holding hands with him, and then was shocked that he had a 20 year sexless marriage that ended with her cheating on him.

It is so very strange that there are millions even billions of people around the world but there is only that one person we can instantly connect with?

We all have a dream when we start dating to found our soulmate but in most caseswe just are not in the right place at the right time.

We can’t see how incredibly crass this is because we call it romantic love, but romantic love is far more intertwined with sexual desire than we are willing to admit.

To truly seduce a woman is to make her fall in love with you.

I mention it because for nearly everyone their first response to reading about Game is to laugh at the men learning it for being obsessed with seduction. ” What should men do in response to the evolution of gender roles? The first chapter said that a return to “traditional values” was not feasible.