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Varmam has 2 dividends,one is called varmakalaithat deals with self-defense and the other called the varma therapy which deals with the therapeutic application.

The most important junctions in the human body in the trail of ligaments, nerves, bones, blood vessels, joints and nerve-centershas the accumulation of Pranavayu and thus it is called as vital points called Varmapulligal.

Wealth of clinical trial findings from different parts of India also proved that the 777 oil can be used for Psoriasis management.

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Faculty members of Sirappu Maruthuvam Department 2017-18 Introduction: Siddha medicine is developed in pre ayurvedic period withcivilization of Mohenzadaro and Harappa in the Indus river valley around 10,000 years back.

The Siddha System of Medicine is a contribution of the Dravidian culture, which is one of the oldest cultures in world.

A deeper exploration in the areas of kayakarpam of the siddhars can fetch us break-through in combating various incurable diseases.

Karpa therapy is inclusive of herbal karpam, Mineral karpam, regulatory procedures for life force Circulation, Yoga and more integrated therapies like muppu, (vaithyamuppu, Vathamuppu, yoga muppu).

Siddha concepts are not only relevant today it will continuously relevant in the future also.

"No assessment of Indian health system can be complete without the inclusion of ISM.

Amuri, Muppu and Guru are highly acclaimed preparations in Tamil Siddha tradition.

By regular practice of Yoga stress and strain also gets relieved and lifespan increases.

Siddha medical science most distinctly emphasizes the practice of Kayakarpam to rejuvenate the body and mind, markedly slowing down the biological ageing.

The therapy of Kayakarpam is attained through Karpa-aviztham (karpa-medicines) and karpayogam (regimens of life).

It is estimated that there are approximately 60,000 traditional orthopedic practitioners inrural India (Shankar 2006).