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This structure works for some people, but not for everyone.

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A satisfying relationship can come later, when I’m a little bit more adjusted and sure of myself.Relationships are becoming increasingly less weirdly Stepford with time.Are millennials responsible for the death of relationships as well?Once my initial reaction was out of the way, I started to think about this claim a little deeper. But it isn’t high on my list of priorities right now.Divorce rates in America peaked at about 40 percent in 1980.

Although this number has been declining ever since, this does mean that many millennials grew up in households where their biological parents were split up.This goes back to what I was saying before: relationships aren’t a priority for me right now.I want a satisfying career and education, and as a woman in 2018, I have more freedom than ever to get that.Soulmates is dedicated to helping single parents find a partner who matches their values.We feature thousands of men and women who understand what it is to have a family and are looking for other single parents like you.We are talking more and more about such issues as heteronormativity and how harmful that can become.