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Throughout the mid-1880s, the Northern Pacific Railway, the parent of Northern Pacific Coal Company, pushed from the east to reach Puget Sound across the Cascade Mountains.The Northern Pacific began building across Stampede Pass just west of Roslyn, approaching from Wallula in the east and Tacoma in the west. In January of that year, Nelson Bennett was given a contract to construct a 9,850 foot (3,002 m) tunnel under Stampede Pass, completing it in 1888.If only the father is killed and it's played for drama then it would be Patricide.

In the mid-1970s, Roslyn began to flourish again as artists and others rehabilitated the town's houses and commercial buildings and settled there.

Some individuals own second homes in Roslyn, while working and living full-time in Seattle or Tacoma, for instance.

An Evil Prince can also do that if he's impatient enough.

It's the ultimate mark of an Enfant Terrible or Antagonistic Offspring, the end result of a Betrayal by Offspring, and a likely origin of an Evil Orphan.

The extreme version, where a person kills not just their parents but their entire people or clan is Genocide from the Inside.

One subversion is to have this happen by accident and/or for the parents' death be ultimately caused by their own actions involving the child.

What might be considered the inverse of Offing the Offspring, and is an equally aberrant behavior, is when a character murders their own parents.

Any character behaving this way will probably be Ax-Crazy and/or a Psycho for Hire.

It can be justified if the parents happen to be abusive or cruel mockeries of humanity from beyond the void — insofar as murder can be, but at least it's then the domain of the dark and troubled protagonists.

It's more justifiable if the parent is an outright villain.

During its days of prosperity, the Northern Pacific Coal Company built the Roslyn Athletic Club for miners and their families.