Silverlight treeview observablecollection not updating

and I will be convering those dlls in my upcoming tutorials. As those operations are very simple, I won’t write each and everything in this post. Add("Level 1.3"); You can also do editing, removing those Tree View Item from code-behind.

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I know that there are a lot of people who are using Design and Pattern in their Software Development these days.MVVM (Model-View-View Model) pattern is the most popular pattern for UI developers.The WPF Tree View supports data binding, like pretty much all other WPF controls does, but because the Tree View is hierarchical in nature, a normal Data Template often won't suffice.Instead, we use the Hierarchical Data Template, which allows us to template both the tree node itself, while controlling which property to use as a source for child items of the node. I will use “control” as a prefix for Silverlight Toolkit control. We have learnt how to add the static Tree View Item in XAML or in previous section.

As Tree View control is not Silverlight Core Library, you will need to add xmlns namespace in XAML like we used to do when we wanna use the custom control. Let’s move to Hierarchical Data Template which is more interesting than doing it from code-behind file or XAML.This first example was very simple, in fact so simple that we might as well have just added the Tree View items manually, instead of generating a set of objects and then binding to them.However, as soon as things get a bit more complicated, the advantages of using data bindings gets more obvious.In other words, we are able to bind the data from View Model in View.I will declare one List And I will populare the data to that list in the constructor of Page View Model class.I’ve added the download link to the original post: Happy coding 🙂 .