Shy guy guide to dating

Flirting in general is a skill to be learned, but flirting with a shy guy raises the stakes once more.

Shyness is a nice characteristic, but it does come with some challenges in the dating area.

For one thing, don’t ask him outright, “Am I scaring you?

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Moreover, one of the perks of dating a shy guy is that they tend to be good listeners and expect the same in return.Listen to his stories and his answers to your questions closely, and try to remember details from it, which you can use again in a later conversation. As hard as this is during the flirting process, be patient with him.He might not be into that, and could prefer the type who takes things slower.He might not be used to it, so it will be a pleasant surprise if you give him a genuine compliment.He will get the message without you having to say it right away.

Now, if you think the attraction is mutual, then don’t hesitant to ask him out.

Make it something special and catch him by surprise. Maybe even find something about him that others don’t notice often, and compliment him on that?

It will make it even more special, and shows you’re thoughtful and attentive.

If you like the guy, it’s up to you to become the calming influence in the conversation so he notices that energy.

Don’t sit back when you’re talking to a nervous guy. He’s not always going to be shaking like a leaf in your presence. Once you get through that nervous shell of his, you’ll probably find a strong, confident, passionate man inside him, desperate to get to know you and become your man.

Applying some of these strategies will certainly help you overcome some of the challenges of dating a shy guy.