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She leaves behind a plate of food that Creed immediately begins to eat.

He informs Meredith that "Andrea is the office bitch" and proceeds to introduce himself, apparently not recognizing Meredith from the many years they have worked together.


Dwight believes the feat impossible, and then says he has done the same, though Michael shakes his head "no" in reference to the fact that Dwight has not done ,000 in sales.

(In a talking head, Jim admits that he thought he had matured beyond all of the "stupid and petty" antics he'd pulled — at which point Dwight opened his mouth; he then takes it upon himself to obtain a key to Dwight's hotel room.) Michael also converses briefly with Stamford regional manager Josh, who informs Michael that should his branch swallow the Scranton branch, he will find a position within his new Stamford branch for Michael.

A cause for concern washes across Michael's face when he hears this.

Michael also queries Jan about "the 800-pound gorilla in the room," Carol.

Jim begins to ask how a former co-worker is doing, but briefly hesitates before the name, eventually naming Toby. Michael takes a work-related phone call from Pam, and Jim is surprised when Michael wishes her luck on her date.

Michael responds by asking if Toby was why Jim left, or if he had considered bosses, leading to an inquiry as to what Jim thought of Josh compared to Michael. Dwight informs Michael his contact at the sheriff's office isn't volunteering this day. Stamford paper airplane game at the Hammermill booth, but his plane crashes upon takeoff.

In addition to architectural design, my interest in urban issues and sociology have led me down a variety of paths: as an urban blogger for SF Metblogs focusing on public art, and as a community activist organizing Jane’s Walk neighborhood walking tours since 2009.

I have written on such topics as collective housing, strawbale construction, and urban bicycle transit.

In Philadelphia, Michael calls out "traitor" as a friendly greeting to Jim in the hotel lobby.

Dwight asks him if he's made any sales and Jim says he has "sold about ,000".

After being told the cash is for the Philadelphia trip, he and Meredith bash the city of brotherly love.