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Diston connected Lake Okeechobee with the Caloosahatchee River; this allowed steamboats to run from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Okeechobee and up the Kissimmee River.

He soon bought 13 acres along the Caloosahatchee River in town.

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These settlers prospered through trading with the Seminole and Union soldiers.Gonzalez settled his family near the abandoned Fort Myers, where he began the area's first trading post."The conditions that favor tornadoes will really increase before sunrise on Sunday, and that threat will continue through much of the day on Sunday," he said. a.m.: Consume oatmeal, orange juice, and coffee while watching Remains of the Day. Do three days (and four orgasms) warrant such a gesture? Anthony Hopkins manages to inadvertently seduce Emma Thompson despite being a sociopath. 7 a.m.: Lest anyone forget, Christopher Reeve was devastatingly handsome.

Playing a principled American congressman doesn’t hurt, either. No one on my trains are cute enough to tear me away from my crossword puzzle. Noon: Working up the courage to admit to a long-distance non-boyfriend my reservations about his impending visit. Now he wants to visit for the sole purpose of seeing me.

Fort Myers is a gateway to the Southwest Florida region and a major tourist destination within Florida.

The winter estates of Thomas Edison ("Seminole Lodge") and Henry Ford ("The Mangoes") are major attractions.

At one point two dudes take off their shirts onstage. p.m.: Call non-boyfriend and tell him not to visit. Maybe I should schedule a time to take care of that. 3 p.m.: Reading a book for which Teen Vogue gave a positive review. 5 p.m.: 1 a.m.: Supremely erotic sex dream featuring Diane Keaton, whose face morphs into that of porky pig when angry or aroused. 10 a.m.: My friend is conducting a Facebook poll of the Five Most Overrated “Things,” loosely defined.

2 p.m.: Begin to fantasize about the tech nerd who’s leading the tutorial, not because I’m attracted to him, but because I need to endow him with redeeming qualities in order to make this trip something other than a waste of time. But now I think that because of a dearth in sexual partners and romantic relationships, I’m genuinely happy. on laptops that are covered with protective keyboard covers. 4 p.m.: It occurs to me that I haven’t had an erection in days. a.m.: Consume oatmeal, orange juice, and coffee while watching The Big Sleep. But overweight Republicans in golf clothes are no match for my dehydration-induced hallucinations: They’re still ugly.

And that's unfortunately where we're going to find ourselves here in the Space Coast for the next 24 to 48 hours," he said.