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Whether in the real world or the virtual, social objects have a few common qualities.Most social objects are: When visitors see an object in a case that they have a personal connection to, they have an immediate story to tell.While Web developers scramble for object catalogs upon which to base new online ventures, cultural institutions can tap into pre-existing stories and connections between visitors and collections. Objects can become the center of dialogue in physical galleries as well.This chapter focuses on how to make this possible in two ways: by identifying and enhancing pre-existing social objects in the collection, and by offering visitors tools to help them discuss, share, and socialize around the objects. A social object is one that connects the people who create, own, use, critique, or consume it.Social objects are transactional, facilitating exchanges among those who encounter them.

For example, one of my most reliable social objects is my dog.

These artifacts and experiences are all social objects. We connect with people through our interests and shared experiences of the objects around us.

Social objects are the engines of socially networked experiences, the content around which conversation happens.[1] Social objects allow people to focus their attention on a third thing rather than on each other, making interpersonal engagement more comfortable. In 2005, engineer and sociologist Jyri Engeström used the term “social objects” and the related phrase “object-centered sociality” to address the distinct role of objects in online social networks.[2] Engeström argued that discrete objects, not general content or interpersonal relationships, form the basis for the most successful social networks.

It’s much less threatening to engage someone by approaching and interacting with her dog, which will inevitably lead to interaction with its owner.

Unsurprisingly, enterprising dog owners looking for dates often use their dogs as social instigators, steering their pups towards attractive people they’d like to meet.

People can connect with strangers when they have a shared interest in specific objects. For example, on Flickr you don’t socialize generally about photography or pictures, as you might on a photography-focused listserv.