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It beams me back to the summer of 72, ten years old, building monster models in my backyard patio with my trusty AM transistor radio by my side. It launches all kinds of thoughts on how cool it would be for a lonely sailor to find a woman like that at some port that he goes to occasionally.Lots of great AM gold that summer, and that's what started my love affair with music! K/H DI find it very disturbing that the song Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) was credited to Elliot Lurie as the composer when in fact he was not the composer of this song.

I got to travel by myself on a bus to Seattle to see my best friend Theresa S. I had a frien that I used to go out with and when we would meat a guy and tell him our names she would always sing "Brandy, you're a fine girl what a good wife you would be." Sadly it never helped pick up any guys.

My daughter "Brandy" was named after this song in 1996.

I recently visited Spain and my top mission there was to get my Brandy a locket and braided chain from the North of Spain.

I succeded and I plan to have the love of her life's name engraved on the inside of the locket.

They played two sets -- each about 45 minutes and played "Brandy" and "Jimmy Loves Mary Anne" repeatedly -- at least five times each. I was born in November 1972 and the song hit Number 1 in September 1972.

It was cool, because they had a great sound, but a little sad because they just had these two hits and they weren't connecting with any of their other material. My daddy loved the song and he was in the Navy so that is how I got my name.Whenever I hear it now I'm immediately taken back to that evening but always with a fond memory, not how I felt at the time. There is something about Elliot Lurie's voice that is really calming, the "Looking Glass" band as a whole is super geat too. I wish we had more singers/bands that would put great music (songs) out there like they did back in the 60's & 70's.I listen to a lot of music (50, 60, 70 & 80's) at work and some from current artists.He never used it as any kind of benifet of his own. But it holds a special place for us that remember him.When I was in high school this was a hit and I said to myself then that when I had a daughter that Brandy would be her name. She is now 28 and my very best friend in this world.Still, after a hot summer day in Iowa, it was great to kick back in the cool evening breeze and enjoy these two mellow tunes. I'm a girl that adores the sea and has a locket from my husband who unlike Brandy's man has been around. My mom and daddy always told me that was how I got my name.