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He is currently going through a bitter divorce from his wife and we believe these allegations are being made by his wife for financial reasons and by his accuser for personal reasons, none of which have to do with what he has been accused of. Crist passed a polygraph exam regarding these allegations.

The exam was conducted by one of the leading polygraph examiners in the state of Texas.

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - A prominent East Texas insurance agent is behind bars after being arrested on multiple counts of child sexual abuse.

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When Ryan Clements, a 25-year-old alumnus of Abilene Christian University, found out his alma mater was planning to ban some students’ same-sex dating relationships, he said it “hit home in a big way.” Clements, an openly gay Christian, said he felt pained “that a school that I loved and that gave me so much and that I tried to pour myself into when I was there would take this kind of action against students like me.” The private college in West Texas, affiliated with Churches of Christ, said earlier this month it would bar student employees from dating people of the same sex.

The policy already applies to faculty and staff at Abilene Christian.

Crist is the president and director of the Chip Crist Allstate Agency on Old Bullard Road.

Crist's attorney sent the following statement to KETK about his client's arrest:"My client adamantly denies the charges against him.

“We’ve heard from some that are upset we’re not taking a more open and affirming approach” and others who worry the school is becoming too permissive of actions “inconsistent with our theology.” Walking that tightrope has proven difficult for religious schools.

Some schools, like Baylor University and Abilene Christian, have tried to rejigger their conduct codes.

This carve-out was little-known before 2015, when a report from the Human Rights Campaign noted that dozens of faith-based schools had asked the federal government for waivers confirming they need not comply with parts of the statute.

More than 253 exemptions, including for East Texas Baptist University and Howard Payne University, had been granted by 2016.

But attempts to revise those policies can draw scrutiny and media attention — and can call up a litany of questions about how these rules can be enforced.

Does Abilene Christian’s policy “mean that if two guys go to a movie together, are they suddenly in a same-sex romantic relationship?

But LGBT-rights advocates and some students say the ban still amounts to discrimination.