Sex dating in sutherland uk

The Vi SOR database is used by all police forces in Great Britain as well as number of other agencies including Criminal Justice Social Work and Scottish Prison Service.

Anyone who has been convicted of a sexual offence which is listed within Schedule 3, Sexual Offences Act 2003 automatically becomes subject of notification requirements.

However, the thought that a person may pose a risk of serious harm to you or someone you care about could be very distressing, and it may be difficult to know who to speak to.

If any person has information to suggest a child has, is or is likely to be at risk of harm immediate contact should be made with police or social work.

They can include rape, sexual assault, sexual activity with someone under the legal age, child sexual abuse, indecent exposure and possession of indecent images of children.

Each sex offender is ultimately responsible for their own behaviour but MAPPA and the involved agencies of Police, Prison Service, Local Authorities and Social Work Services has a responsibility to manage sex offenders to reduce the risk of harm.

At the town’s sheriff court yesterday Sutherland’s solicitor Stuart Flowerdew said his client was “riddled with regret” at what he recognised was “disgusting” behaviour.

The offender, whose address was given as HMP Grampian, sat hunched over in the dock for most of the hearing.Information can only be given to a parent, carer or guardian but if you have concerns about a person’s access to a child you should make the call.You can either attend or phone your local police office and request that you would like to raise concerns about a particular child.The court heard that the older girl had been convinced to visit Sutherland’s home as a way of getting him to stop blackmailing her.Sutherland, 22, befriended her over Facebook before starting to repeatedly request naked pictures.A man who blackmailed young girls into sending him naked pictures has been locked up for more than three years.