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Jason shares his fascinating journey from being a "nice guy" late bloomer who wasn't great with women, to dating, getting his first girlfriend, and finally marrying and having great sex with the woman of his dreams.

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The fact is, traditional views of masculinity are outdated in sex, dating, and relationships.We need a new model for what a sexy AND mature man looks like in the...In this combined Girl Talk/Guy Talk episode, we break down why we ghost, when we ghost, and how to... How can a man balance his inner masculine and feminine, and why does that matter so much in relationships with women?Men's coach and author Eivind Skjellum outlines the struggle a lot of men face when it comes to looking at the two energies within. We delve mostly into a third (and more unknown) one in this especially sexy...

;) Both men and women typically only know about clitoral orgasms, but there are several more pleasure-filled adventures to go on.

Maybe we should plan a meet and streak through the Gateway How do you ask if that hot couple are swingers ?

- - As I was reading thru this thread Someone mentioned a hot tub...

This could be a great discussion and why not bring up the idea of clothing optional at the same time....while everyone is thinking.

How about a lingerie party with them and some swinger friends.... that way you don't have to worry about you offending them... Adam & Eve as well as other companies now have toy parties...

Ever wondered how to experience more pleasure as a man in sex, last longer, or satisfy your woman more? Ghosting is by far one of the worst byproducts of the digital age of dating. But what if a therapeutic modality like Network Spinal Analysis could help us let go of it quickly and easily?