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“I have just reached my 87th birthday and am still going strong. They hope to visit their children in Washington, Virginia and New York this summer. Thomas, still splitting time between Naples, Florida, and Winnetka, Illinois, experienced an impromptu mini-reunion before a round of golf at Hole-in-the-Wall Country Club in early March: “While waiting for my guest, Scott A. “I’m not going gentle into that good night.” Philip H. Polk II is overcoming anemia, kidney failure and dehydration and now returning to good health with the goal of resuming competitive tennis. “Kenyon College administration and faculty repeatedly emphasized that a good liberal education would serve you well during retirement years. Graham “blew an Achilles tendon while cavorting with my grandchildren” last summer, he writes, but his work with his wife, Karen, helping refugees assimilate to the Buffalo, New York, community continues.

Of course there are a few bumps in the road, but I am succeeding to surpass these. Pitney made the most of his 2017 weekends away from Philly to Greenwich: “We see my late brother Peyt’s girls quite often; they hail from Gettysburg and San Francisco. Rhodes Sr., Silver Spring, Maryland, welcomed John L. With their spouses they enjoyed several plays at the Mertz Theater and supper with Nancy Leach, widow of Lewis C. “Thus far, these golden years are not as uplifting as advertised,” Charlie writes. Thirty-one years after retiring from active medical practice, I can affirm Kenyon’s promise. “These wonderful people who arrived from camps in Thailand to which they escaped from Burma face an overwhelming array of complexities with paperwork, dietary adjustment and translation.” He and Ann will take their classic Cape Dory 25 out for day sailing on Lake Erie, and Andy just completed 30 years of main sheet trimming as a crew member on a Pearson Flyer in the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club weekly races. Neuman has now lived over six months in Blue Hill, Maine, thoroughly enjoying life among new friends at his independent living community there.

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As our roster thins out, I recommend to classmates the words of George Burns: ‘If you live to be 100, you’ve got it made.

Very few people die past that age.’ Nevertheless, I deeply bemoan the passing last year of our esteemed classmate and brilliant alum Samuel Richmond '62, who was much too young when he left us.

He felt a compelling obligation to make our society better.

Now more than ever, I propose we continue that work.” Col. Alford and his wife, Judy, celebrated their Golden Anniversary with a trip to east Africa, where their daughter, Karen, is a nurse practitioner in the refugee settlements of Uganda.

Edelstein ’68 “at his fantastic Sand Ridge course last August.” Bob hopes you’ll join him in rooting for his roomie John A. “Sorry to say the biggest news in my life is still my ongoing battle against bone marrow cancer — but glad to say I’m still in the fight.

By my 75th birthday I want to be as ‘diesel’ (according to my teenage granddaughter) as I was at 70, just before I was diagnosed.He volunteers at The Mariner’s Museum Chris Craft collection and published his second article on the use of these boats in World War II. Mc Campbell, Surfside Beach, South Carolina, celebrates his 50th year as a physician in June.“This shows that even a physics major from a liberal arts college can get published! An active primary-care physician and medical director for Amedisys Hospice, he was again selected as the number one internist in Myrtle Beach by Rate MDs. Capron splits time between Highlands, North Carolina, and Smyrna, Georgia, filling the year with occasional travel, reading, playing “mediocre duplicate bridge” and croquet, all while “resolutely avoiding people who could be offended by my antediluvian political and social perspective.” “So I’m 76.“Over 2 million refugees from six neighboring countries are in Uganda, with about 1,000 more arriving per day,” Les describes.Following their visit, Les and Judy went on safari in Tanzania and Kenya, a highlight of which was a celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary in a traditional Maasai ceremony. Mayer, Millsboro, Delaware, writes: “The only thing that would keep me away from our 55th reunion is the need to celebrate Jane’s 75th birthday on April 12. Eliasoph, White Plains, New York, still operates and teaches oculoplastic surgery at his local VA hospital.