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This is much of who I am, and if it doesn’t scare you think about coming and walking with me.

I have hiked and scrambled many magnificent miles since my family gave me the gift of outdoor appreciation as a boy.

I will add to the planning in more detail here, and after the journey if I am lucky and industrious I just might have a book to share with you. Perhaps, yet you're just going to have to indulge me.

My Dream Walkabout Of Wyoming: Summer 2006 Although I’m not a religious man I must say I have been blessed with invaluable family and friends that have afforded me tremendous opportunity in this life of mine.

Traveling the backcountry alone is about the biggest taboo there is in all the wisdom that has come from the wilderness, but the joy of spectacular solitude is impossible for many of us to resist.

Those of us that have put it together in syllogisms accept the risk of being a solitary strider and do everything else we can to minimize that risk.

I lived in Colombia for a year and a half and fell in love with the culture and the people.

Cooking, wine, dancing, golf, live music and whatever else we can dream up...

The more time we have the good fortune to spend in northwestern Wyoming the more we come to understand it to be something quite a bit more than just those more famous spectacles.

Beyond the Tetons there is superlative high country found in the Wyoming, Snake River, Gros Ventre, Washakie, Absaroka, and Wind River ranges.

Bridger Lake in the Teton Wilderness is the remotest place in the contiguous states; it is farther from a road than anywhere else south of Canada.

The 19 million acres of Greater Yellowstone is also said to be the greatest habitat for large mammals in the earth’s Temperate Zone.

At midlife I am in better physical shape than I have been since my early 20s and the best psychological shape I have ever been in.