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Revenues have risen from €231 million in 1998 to €1,843 million in 2003 and to €3,013 million in 2010.Similarly, net profits have increased from €48 million to €339 million over the same period.

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The Irish government at the time refused its approval to protect Aer Lingus, but Britain–under Margaret Thatcher's deregulating Conservative government–approved the service.

With two routes and two planes, the fledgling airline carried 82,000 passengers in one year.

In August 2005, the airline claimed to have carried 20% more passengers within Europe than British Airways.

On 13 February 2006, Britain's Channel 4 broadcast a documentary as part of its Dispatches series, "Ryanair caught napping".

Within a year, the website was handling three-quarters of all bookings.

Ryanair launched a new base of operation in Charleroi Airport in 2001.

When we couldn't find all three anywhere else, we created Vo Vo has offices in Montreal, Canada and Mérida, Mexico, and access points across the globe.

Vo is devoted to provide quality local and international connections to our customers around the world.

The enlargement of the European Union on opened the way to more new routes for Ryanair.

The rapid addition of new routes and new bases has enabled growth in passenger numbers and made Ryanair among the largest carriers on European routes.

In 1992, the European Union's deregulation of the air industry in Europe gave carriers from one EU country the right to operate scheduled services between other EU states and represented a major opportunity for Ryanair.