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Wilson crystallized that idea at his next Oscar after party potluck that he had been having in his living room, but in 1981 this time almost as a goof came up with the idea of creating ballots that he passed out to his friends (who thought it was hysterical) for some of the worst flicks and as simplified as it sounds the very first Golden Raspberry Awards program (Razzie for short) was born.

” Their officiant is a lifelong friend that Katy and Jules met in their graduate program, and was very honored to bring her two friends together in matrimony.“I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” – F.I’ve known Katy for years as my neighbor, so I felt extra special that her wedding would be my first same-sex celebration!Katy loved her surprise gift from Jules — a lovely fleur-de-lis of their last names combined. Jules was so nervous for their first look, she couldn’t wait to see her sweetie in her gorgeous pink gown!Affleck commented that the trophy was kinda cheap looking and it fell apart (or he broke it on air , I forget) and left it there.

The very resourceful Wilson was able to get Affleck’s trophy back and he put it up on e Bay, raising well over a thousand dollars auctioning off this Razzie, enough to rent the Ivar Theater for the 2005 Razzie Awards. The following year actress Halle Berry made a surprise appearance to accept her worst actress Razzie award for “Catwoman” and while holding her “Monster’s Ball” Oscar from 2001 with her Razzie trophy in the other gave a speech that would’ve made a sailor blush.

Hollywood doesn’t like to give it much recognition. Well, unlike the Emmys and the Golden Globes that are a barometer of who might win at the Oscars, the annual Razzie Awards celebrates Hollywood’s worst movies and all those responsible for making it, so Hollywood would rather you skip that show.

But, c’mon, how many times have you gone to see a movie only to find out that it was so bad you wanted your money back? Enter John Wilson who majored in film and television at UCLA and after graduation worked on film marketing campaigns so he knows a thing or two about the industry.

OK, that to me shows just how cool Bullock is, and the best part?

The following night at the Oscar Awards she won for best actress in the movie “The Blindside.” Now that is classic folks.

By the way, actress Meryl Streep has never been nominated for a Razzie and Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” (1987) is still the only film to win both an Oscar and a Razzie.