Setting and updating of system components dating norms in other countries

The two most important Windows components are AD and WMI.

The next sections look in depth at how Config Mgr uses these technologies.

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Again, the affected users should delete and re-add their email accounts on their devices.You might want to accomplish this transition over time, a few users at a time.Finally, it presents examples of how you can use Config Mgr status messages and logs along with some other tools to drill down into the inner workings of Configuration Manager.This chapter examines the inner workings of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (Config Mgr).The product utilizes standards-based network protocols and object models for its internal working and interaction with client systems.

Config Mgr components store and use data about Config Mgr infrastructure and activity, the environment, and managed systems in the site database.

The chapter looks inside the site database, which is the heart of Config Mgr.

It shows how to view the inner workings of Config Mgr through its status messages and logs, as well as through other tools for viewing database and process activity. The authors have chosen some of the most important feature sets and data structures to use as examples throughout the chapter, rather than try to provide a comprehensive account of all Config Mgr functionality.

If you are simply planning to get Config Mgr up and running, you may find some of the material in this chapter unessential.

However, you will find a basic understanding of the product architecture and knowledge of techniques for viewing the inner working of Config Mgr invaluable for troubleshooting purposes.

There is also no direct way to change from using an LDAP group to using a Group Wise group (distribution list in older Group Wise systems).