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It’s that time of the year again, we enjoy delicious ice cream and cooling lemonade, we celebrate barbecue parties or long nights out with friends and we can finally wear light shirts, colorful dresses, and comfy shoes again.

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here is a famous old proverb in Gujarati language, “મગ ચલાવે પગ” literally means ‘The green Mung dal keeps your legs running.” Green mung (moong) beans are small, cylindrical, and bright green skin legumes. According to ayurveda healers, this is most nutritious, while very easy to digest.Like many other legumes, the mung beans can be eaten raw when sprouted, or else eaten cooked with the skin on or off.Unlike other beans or legumes, they do not generally create abdominal gas or bloating.If you are recovering from unwell health or on diet plan, the boiled water of mung dal is very very effective.It’s a bit time-consuming so I always use pressure cooker for save all energy. Transfer cooked moong dal in a deep pan adding 3 cups of hot water. Season with salt, grated ginger (or use a knob of 1 inch ginger) all spice powders except garam masala.

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Mung beans are good source of dietary fiber and folate. This way, the prepared moong dal should be thicker than other kind of dals, just like a stew, so you can enjoy it own.

They are also high in protein, magnesium, potassium and contain vitamins A, C and E, phosphorus, iron and calcium. Today/tomorrow is Wednesday so fix this moong dal in your lunch/dinner.

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