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The cross over energy systems start dropping and any left/right (yin/yang) imbalance shows up leaving you struggling against a tiredness so deep that you reach for another shot of caffeine, or its partner, sugar. All systems are acting crazy and the great Yang Protector can’t bring anything on board, at this point you are in full flight/fight/freeze response.

Being in this state repeatedly quickly advances one towards adrenal compromise, fatigue, exhaustion or burn out, meaning you feel constantly tired unless you reach for caffeine or sugar. If you have had caffeine today it doesn’t mean that your aura is necessarily resembling a roller coaster ride.

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Parts of the auric movements speed up, but mostly at the subtle energy level, caffeine brings in a fogginess.

The electrical energy of the body looks like it is a little hyperactive, but nothing too dramatic.

In a healthy person the aura is magnificent; a dynamic, constantly changing pulsing array of colour and vibration.

Some can be dramatic and fiery, others fluid and gentle, housing and illustrating the character and moods of the individual.

The energy meridian system has long been identified in Eastern medicine it is the energy system that is treated when acupuncture is used.

In her book, Energy Medicine, Donna Eden identifies the role that the triple warmer meridian plays with fibromyalgia.But if you feel like that, or if you recognise a love-affair with caffeine, then perhaps it is a good idea to work with some of the suggestions below in order to support your whole-body system and bring your relationship with caffeine into balance.And a final thought: eating well and drinking plenty of water can greatly aid our whole-body system as we move away from the limiting patterns of caffeine. With each cup of coffee we drink, it takes 2 cups of water to begin to negate the dehydrating effects of the coffee.With a second shot of caffeine, things start getting a bit messy!For a start, the whole body system moves into dehydration, leaving it more jittery and discombobulated.The triple warmer meridian is the meridian that governs the bodys fight/flight/freeze response.