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My boss knows that I'm having treatment to fix the damage done by an abscess on my 'pelvis' that occurred in pregnancy, they haven't pushed for details and have been really flexible about time off for appointments/surgery and me working at home a lot to avoid discomfort sitting at a desk. When I had my first seton in June I was still on maternity leave. I've tried to time changing dressings and sitz baths with his naps, but there have been some especially stressful moments when he's woken screaming wanting to be held and doesn't understand 'mummy will be two minutes, she's just changing her bandage')!

When I started back at work in August with my seton I was quite nervous being in the office, I found it helped to have an emergency kit in my bag with flushable wipes, a small magnifying mirror, hand sanitiser, cotton pads, dressings and sanitary pads. But generally he's a very calm little boy which has made things easier, he's given me a reason to get up on days when I've been fed up with a lack of healing progress and has been a great distraction from dwelling on things!

Does anyone else out there have a seton stitch for an anal fistula?

I'm so sorry you don't have anyone to talk to but I hope I can be a understanding ear for you. My story kind of started when I fell pregnant with DS in 2015.

I'm in my early 30s and had always been really healthy, but during my pregnancy I had a sore backside on and off, but every time I thought about going to the Drs it got better and I assumed it was just normal pregnancy piles and would go away after pregnancy.

I really hope your seton settles down quickly and starts to do it's job, if you have any questions or want to talk I'm here I'm still adjusting to it.

I'm finally starting to not hurt as much thankfully as I go back to work on Tuesday.

In August, 2016, I started getting alotof pain in my backside; I went to 3 different Dr in one week, all seemed to just brush it off as my sciatia.

After trying to self treat the pain with no avail I finally had my husband drive me to the hospital as I felt like I was dying and had a fever of 104.3, just listening to my symptoms and seeing my pain, the triage nurse took me right back to a bed.

I'm hoping and praying this healing continues and I can see the end of this horrid episode!!

The last year has been a pretty stressful but it has made me realise I'm braver than I thought, and also it's made me much more humble about other people with conditions and how lucky I've been to have access to health care.

The week that my abscess was confirmed and drained was the most painful week of my life, I was on multiple painkillers but I couldn't do anything to escape from that pain.

I didn't have a temperature, which I think is why my scan took a week to organise, but looking back I was ill from DS's birth onwards; I was constantly shivering and would sit with my thick dressing gown over my clothes with the heating on full and the hairdryer blowing onto me as I just couldn't t get warm, DH would get home from work and ask why the house was like a sauna but I thought it was due to newborn sleep deprivation!

After a few weeks in hospital due to his prematurity my amazing DS was able to come home in time for Christmas, but sitting feeding him all the time seemed to bring back the ass pain.