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Our medical system is complicated and decisions about your body and health can be very serious.

As providers we balance keeping our teenage patient’s trust with acknowledging their developmental stage and knowing when a parent’s input and support is needed.

For example, if a very young teen comes in for mental health concerns and ends up needing to schedule multiple follow up visits and possibly start a medication, we will bring the parents into the discussion in order to get their input and help coordinate a complicated care plan.

In certain circumstances (such as a suicidal patient or one who admits to being abused) we always involve the legal guardian.

I encourage all parents to know the laws in their home state.

Have open communication with your teen about substance use, mental health/mood, and sexuality. When you take your teen in for a yearly or sports physical, tell your concerns, then offer to step out of the room for a few minutes to give your teen a chance to speak with their medical provider alone, then come back in for a summary of the visit.

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We consider the patient’s maturity and ability to make rational decisions.

If it seems appropriate, we will encourage the teen to talk with parents or bring the parents into the discussion.

Health rights of teens are important for every parent to understand.