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Instead, look for Google Drive somewhere in the apps option on your scanner.

You'll likely need to navigate through a few menus on your device to find it.

The Google Drive Android app supports multi-page document scanning.Third-party apps, such as Scanbot or Cam Scanner, also support auto-uploading of multi-page scans to Google Drive.For example, when configuring scan-to-cloud for an HP printer, I opened my browser to Specify the Google account to receive your scans using your Gmail or G Suite address.Follow the steps below to connect your scanner to Google Drive.

When you select scan, you'll typically see destinations such as a computer, an SD card, or email.This establishes that you have control of both the Google account and scanner/printer.Protect your account with a PIN—especially in an office setting.The four shortcuts allowed each staff member to press one button, enter their PIN, and quickly scan different types of source documents.You can also use your phone to scan items to Google Drive.Recently, though, these organizations moved to scan-to-cloud storage setups. Unlike locally-stored files, documents on Google Drive are simple to share, accessible from anywhere, and easy to find with Cloud Search, which delivers keyword search (like Google search, but for your organization's G Suite data).