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It is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours during the month of Ramadan. In 2018, the holy month of Ramadan is expected to start on 15 May and finish on 14 June.

See Travelling during Ramadan The public practice of any form of religion other than Islam is illegal; as is an intention to convert others.

You should seek guidance from the local authorities on how to apply for a local licence.Homosexual acts and extra-marital sexual relations, including adultery, are illegal and can be subject to severe penalties. Transgender people travelling to Saudi Arabia are likely to face significant difficulties and risks if this is discovered by the authorities.Anyone involved in a commercial dispute with a Saudi company or individual may be prevented from leaving the country pending resolution of the dispute.Government bodies often retain passports for official purposes; sponsors also sometimes retain passports, although this is illegal.The majority of women wear an abaya – a long cloak – and a head scarf.

The face does not necessarily need to be covered, “much to the chagrin of some hardliners”, says The Economist.

However, the Saudi authorities accept the private practice of religions other than Islam, and you can bring a Bible into the country as long as it is for your personal use.

Importing larger quantities than this can carry severe penalties.

The Saudi authorities have detained witnesses and victims of crimes.

If you need consular assistance, British Embassy staff will try to visit you as soon as they are aware of the case, but in some instances Embassy staff have not been permitted to do so immediately or have had access limited.

Islamic codes of behaviour and dress are strictly enforced.