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Ashe is divine energy that comes from Olodumare, the creator deity, and is manifested through Olorun, who rules the heavens and is associated with the sun.

Without the sun, no life could exist, just as life cannot exist without some degree of ashe.

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The bulkhead gave way in the 1970's, allowing the bay to sweep away much of the sand that kept the bunkers underground.

The strange artwork appeared on the walls of the southernmost bunker more than a decade ago -- and turned the space into an unlikely, word-of-mouth tourist attraction that has kept visitors puzzled.

Ori literally means the head, but in spiritual matters, it is taken to mean a portion of the soul that determines personal destiny.

Some òrìṣà are rooted in ancestor worship; warriors, kings, and founders of cities were celebrated after death and joined the pantheon of Yoruba deities.

The òrìṣà are grouped as those represented by the color white, who are characterized as tutu "cool, calm, gentle, and temperate"; and those represented by the colors red or black, who are characterized as gbigbona "harsh, aggressive, demanding, and quick tempered".

As humans do, orisha may have a preferred color, foods, and objects.

The ancestors did not die, but were seen to have "disappeared" and become òrìṣà.

Some orishas based on historical figures are confined to worship in their families or towns of origin; others are venerated across wider geographic areas.

Ashe is the life-force that runs through all things, living and inanimate.

It is described as the power to make things happen.

Most Òrìṣà are said to have previously existed in the spirit world (òrun) as Irumole and incarnate as human beings here on Earth (ayé).