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I know what to do on a date.” While that may be true, every single gentleman with whom we’ve worked has admitted that the feedback and insight we gave him dramatically changed the quality of their romantic life.

Everybody has blind spots and room for improvement.

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An online dating profile […] Women Like When Men Take Charge One example of what we mean when we say that women like when men take charge is: Women want to be asked out. What does it mean when you don’t text someone back in a timely manner? Women are leading with their executive side rather than their feminine, playful side. People think it’s easier to look outside of the relationship for what they need rather than express their needs to the one they chose to love. The Millionaire Matchmaker, for example, has very strict rules on this subject matter.Overall, singles need to remember that the person sitting across from them is still a stranger. You have a small boutique agency, so I'm guessing you have to turn some clients down. Or do you think something has changed in our romantic DNA that makes it harder for people to remain faithful? Where do you guys stand on how fast is too fast or letting yourself be swept up in the moment?How do you tackle this subject matter with clients?

What do you think men have given up on or lost on the flip side?

After meeting in Milan, you opened a wine bar together in Florida.

How did you find your way into the world of matchmaking? Since our wine bar was intimate and romantic, customers started confiding in us about their love lives.

The place for technology is when a relationship is already established –- a text to ask about dinner or an email to update your lover about your day is fine. Typically, large metropolitan areas attract career-oriented individuals who barely pay attention to their love life until things start to feel really unbalanced and empty. So far our most romantic evening was at One Pico in Shutters on the Beach.

The corner table by the window overlooking the ocean and the lights of the Santa Monica Pier with the gorgeous fireplace lit, a rich Super Tuscan in one hand and my delicious husband in the other … If you had to name just ONE, what is the biggest mistake most men make on a first date? Most men tend to be more "interesting than interested," so their excessive talking renders them boring or seemingly uninterested in their date.

Andrea and Cristina are not shy about discussing what the problem is with singles these days, what will get you rejected from their agency and frankly, why sleeping with someone right away is probably not the best idea.