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A straw is a caricature of a person, a character the author has set up in order to ridicule a particular viewpoint. Why bother addressing the real issues of, for example, gun control, when you can instead portray all firearms advocates as bearded, racist, hillbilly lunatics ranting about black helicopters and wanting to own their own nuclear warheads?

And so it goes with other examples; capitalists literally worship the bottom line and would sell their own kids if they could; liberals are all secret Communists aiming to destroy morality and personal choice; conservatives are constantly-outraged intolerant bigots who want nothing more than to see oppressed minorities suffer; scientists look down their nose on the religious, then shake their fist at God while plotting to surpass Him; the religious are wide-eyed, superstitious madmen; feminists want to kill all men; and so on.

Ryan began singing at a young age and has developed...

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The presence of such characters is often jarring and sometimes offensive to people who actually hold the beliefs that are being misrepresented; in addition, strawmen are very ineffective tools to convert or convince people of opposing beliefs and tend to encourage Confirmation Bias.

Their ability to always be right within the politics of their creator frequently makes them come off as extremely arrogant, condescending and unlikable.The straw character is left stumped by the author's obvious wisdom, and will struggle to reply or explode angrily to show how unreasonable they (and anyone else holding such views) are.In some instances they'll go completely silent or avert their gaze, presumably rendered mute/ashamed by the author's "truth".I think we need to chat...maybe sing...probably talk nonsense... pic.twitter.com/i QLQb ACGUU The @KCIrish Fest schedule has been released and it's a good one! 😉😉 @Celtic Thunder @Acoustic Fans @RKStreet Team NJ @Ryan Kelly Fans @RKSiren facebook.com/events/1726309…pic.twitter.com/CRy ILx Jdyb The three @byrneandkelly gigs so far have been brilliant and the craic couldn’t be better, but things get serious when deciding who gets the @jamesonwhiskey ... Kicking off the @byrneandkelly “Home from Home World Tour” summer leg in @rorydolans NYC tomorrow night! 😉🎶 @Acoustic Fans @RKStreet Team NJ pic.twitter.com/1a8h P5QUQp Can't think of a more fitting day to be handing over this incredible sum to help the fantastic work of @macmillancancer on behalf of my amazing "Celtic Cousins" as their tribute to my Dad who passed exactly two years ago today..