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The parties may also appoint arbitrators from outside the lists.

Russian International Energy Forum is the annual convention and exhibition event for the specialists of the fuel and energy sector, the largest international occasion in Russia and CIS countries.

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In particular, 314 claims were filed at ICAC in 2014, 316 claims in 2015 and 271 claims in 2016.

Foreign parties in the year 2016 included Regarding the amounts in dispute, in 2016 in 21 % of cases the amount in dispute ranged between 200 000 USD to 1 000 000 USD, in 11 % of cases – between 1 000 000 USD to 10 000 000 USD, and in 4 % of cases the amount in dispute exceeded 10 000 000 USD.

The key objective of the project is establishing a platform for the industrial corporations, state authorities and the scientific community to have a dialogue at.

The concept of the Forum involves both the convention and the exhibition programs.

The Ministry informs the Russian educational organizations, ready to take on the training of foreign nationals, about candidates.

If a candidate does not master the required level of the Russian language, the Ministry send him or her to pre-university courses.The International specialised exhibition POWER AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING has been held in St.Petersburg since 1993 and since 2013 has been included in the composition of the Russian International Energy Forum.The analysis of arbitral awards rendered by the ICAC tribunals in the course of the years 2014–2015 shows a discernible trend towards the increase in the number of cases brought to the ICAC that relate to substantial amounts claimed: 12.3% were rendered in cases with claims from 1 000 000 up to 10 000 000 USD and 13.1% were rendered in cases with claims from 10 000 000 USD up to 100 000 000 USD.Since 27 January 2017 the new Rules and Regulations of the ICAC came into effect in accordance with the new Russian legislation on arbitration.It is the successor to the Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission (FTAC), legislatively created in 1932.