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We have many FSU born people who regularly participate in our discussion forums also, some relocated, and some who live in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere.An impartial Russian or Ukrainian view can sometimes be an invaluable asset if you have a question you want to ask a Russian woman.

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Once you have made several posts, you will see extra member only rooms beyond what you see now.You can ask questions on RUA about the reputation of different agencies you are considering using and other methods of meeting Russian and Eastern European women, cultural differences and what to expect.At RUA discussion forums you can discuss everything from Russian and Ukrainian culture, language, politics, history, visas, geography and travel right through to cross-cultural relationships.You can enjoy lively discussion and spirited debate about anything and everything Russian, Ukrainian and former Eastern Bloc.It will benefit you to take a moment to sign up as a member of our forums.

It costs you nothing and gives you access to all our posted images, the former Soviet Union Photo Galleries and our Private Travel Reports area.Ask questions about finding Russian brides, traveling, read travel reports, learn about applying for visas and more.We have many well-respected contributors from all over the world, and we would like you to be one of them. Russian Ukrainian Adventures (RUA) discussion forum is the largest and busiest Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European information and discussion forum on the internet!If you are interested in Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union, this is the place for you.The information contained in our discussion forums is almost encyclopedic in content and growing all the time.