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“Aids in the Eighties was a very, very scary thing.

There were people walking around with the disease that looked like the undead. I spent the first six years of my career thinking that any minute now I would probably come out with it.

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He took on the girls’ parts in school plays but he was otherwise very bored.

“Once I knew I wanted to be an actor, I just wanted to get out as quickly as possible.” He left for London at 15.

He is, arguably, the most handsome actor of his generation, public-school educated and brought up in a military family. But Everett has also been a hard drug user, says he would still try a line of cocaine, and he claims that his career has suffered because of his homosexuality.

He led a promiscuous life as the gay world was rocked by Aids and worried for years that he had contracted the disease.

You can’t ever expect the world to see everything about yourself in the way that you do – certainly in terms of conducting a career as a homosexual in showbusiness. So people mostly said to me: 'Oh, but you’ve been so difficult and you’ve blown everything for yourself, you’ve sabotaged your own career.’ To a certain extent, it’s true, but to a certain extent, it isn’t.

There’s only a certain amount of mileage you can make, as a young pretender, as a leading man, as a homosexual.

“I’ve never approached work with an enjoyment factor, exactly, because it’s very scary and you’re always facing failure inside your head.

Although, definitely, now, I find it miraculous to be doing any form of work. But you do wake up in the middle of the night in a muck sweat, wondering if you’re ever going to be able to pull it off and thinking: 'Why aren’t I just on holiday?

’ Everything leads towards a first night or a premiere.

A whole group of people coming to judge it and another group coming to enjoy it.

He never, he maintains, managed to pull off the relaxed look on Hollywood chat shows.