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If you recognize Aleks, but can’t place him, he was on Season 1 of Below Deck. ) Kristen was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in the beginning of December when Andy asked her if she was dating Aleks from Below Deck, and she was ever so coy about their relationship. I can’t give things away,” to Cohen, even though I think if Andy “Bravo Papa” Cohen asks you to spill, you can give away all the secrets. Just like DJ Khaled, I invite you to walk with me through the journey of more success as I prove that these two are probably no more than friends nowadays. 2014, almost two years ago, Aleks tweeted the following about the difficulties of making a bed. She says that the two had been friends for some time, so while they went on a date once she broke up with James, there's one thing that proves that these two didn't last.

He is a “captain of the stars,” according to his Bravo bio, and seems to spend a lot of his time out at sea. And that's Brian Carter, Kristen's current boyfriend.

On Vanderpump Rules , Kristen has a new man and he’s no stranger to the Bravo spotlight. More importantly, one might think, "Oh, what is this? " That was almost two years ago, and she broke-up with Tom Sandoval and dated James in between, so unless the cameras didn't catch it, they were probably just friends then.

You might not recognize him without his captain hat on, but Aleks Taldykin is coming to Vanderpump Rules, though his relationship with Kristen might not be what it seems. In an interview with Bravo, Kristen said that Aleks asked her on a date after she became single.After a few ups and even more downs, Kristen and James have broken up on Vanderpump Rules.James has moved on, arm bites and all, and apparently so has Kristen.It has not been an easy couple of seasons for Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute.She’s been the source of drama since Day One — never forget the Jaxcident — but this season she has turned over a new leaf.But in reality that just creates an awkward situation.