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The second (or 'right-side') file doesn't even need to be AFP. ◘ There are a bunch of other functions I added just to see if I could, like Spell-Check (requires MS Office) and Slide Show options.◘ FOCA - Support for outline fonts is almost non-existent. ◘ GOCA - No support for Cubic Bezier Curves, hatches, weird symbols, etc.: Mostly UI fixes.Not that it matters since I don't think AFP supports the Predictor for LZW data.

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: Added minimal support for BPF, EPF, PEC, PPO fields. : Added a To Unicode structure to Type3 PDF fonts when AFPto PDF determines the input font is EBCDIC (space char val = 64), in order to map char values to correct ASCII/Unicode values. The trick on this one is to draw each image in memory to get 24bit raster data. Fixed some issues with IOCA data spanning fields when 0 bytes of data (only the command bytes) were in the first field. Cleaned up code for IPD data spanning multiple fields. : Fixed a bug in File Properties window which would crash the program if the file being opened was not associated with any application.

This is a cool solution to the EBCDIC/ASCII PDF-text problem, but this does not fix it (YET) for mapped fonts using a TTF or PDF. Fixed the Resource Manager not displaying the resource size for unused resources. Test with fixed-metrics and relative-metrics fonts. Test with mapped-TTF fonts, mapped-PDF fonts, and unmapped fonts. Then extract the bytes out of memory (converting CMYK to RGB), and build a new byte-array, and lastly push that into a new image. So basically a bunch of image errors and font problems have been fixed. : Setting Var Space Inc to 0 will now be treated the same as setting it to Default (x FFFF). Modified IOCA code to ignore Transparency Masks in IPD data. : Fixed overlay rules not working correctly when encountering segmented PTX fields.

: Searching for text now loops around EOF/TOF back to beginning of search (current page). : Fixed a bug in AFPto PDF conversion when an RPS command was encountered.

: Fixed issues with CMYK images when each band of data is 1bit. My transparency fix from 06-11 didn't take into account standalone PSGs. Fixed a BII transparency issue with white image data. : New method for displaying CMYK JPG images, leading to more accurate color and faster display. Prior to this, the program just incremented the position accordingly (assumed space was a non-printing char, LIKE IT SHOULD BE). : If an embedded font resource is corrupt, the program will now check for an external font resource. : Fixed a bug in GOCA function Draw BGR (specifically, in translating the coordinate systems), where the offsets were not being subtracted from the GOCA Window rectangle. But any time that something works perfectly on the first try, I question it.

: Modified transparency rule for BMO objects to match IPS objects. : Fixed a bug that could cause image tile dimensions to be calculated incorrectly.

It was a performance enhancement and it obviously didn't work. In other words, disabled the code that tries to build a PFB/PFM combo font and temporarilly install it.: Fixed a bug in the overlay logic affecting the "Page containing text" functionality.Fixed a bug that could lead to duplicate search results being listed.This is an AFP viewer I started writing a long time ago. ◘ Supports objects and structures that other free viewers (and even some paid-for viewers) struggle with.With the help of the AFP community testing and reporting feedback, it has progressed quite a bit since 2003. And if you find something that isn't working right, I'll try to get it resolved.Corrected the default module width for Code39 and Code93.