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Here they are, wanting to talk music and business, but all anyone wants to perpetuate is that old controversy.Both are 34 years old now, and both are different characters.

So Solid Crew were, quite literally, one of the biggest garage groups in the early noughties, with up to thirty members at any one time.Their break-through track was in August 2001, with the number one hit '21 Seconds' - the time each member had on the mic. Spend time in their company and they won't let you leave until they have convinced you that they have been to the UK garage scene what The Beatles were to pop.It is true, certainly, that they made quite an impact, and threw open the doors for the UK urban scene in general, but the truth is we do need reminding.They had released just two albums – 2001's They Don't Know (which sold 450,000 copies) and 2003's 2nd Verse (25,000 copies).

By then, each of the main MCs had individual public profiles. “So Solid was always about bringing new talent up – the next generation,” he explains.Megaman is brooding, almost menacing; Harvey is a human firework, constantly going off. We just lived by basic rules, like anybody else: we defended ourselves when we had to.” Perhaps, yes, but they weren't always merely defending themselves.“Thing is, yeah,” says Harvey, “we come from struggle. One member, for example, Skat D, was once arrested for allegedly breaking the jaw of a 16-year-old fan who spurned his sexual advances; another, Asher D (now Ashley Walters, one of the UK's most promising actors) was imprisoned for firearms possession.He then appeared in reality TV shows including The rapper still performs, and has made multiple appearances with Lisa.Back in 2001, at the height of So Solid, Asher D was found to be carrying a loaded air pistol modified to fire live ammunition, and sentenced to 18 months in a young offender institute.Half an hour later , Wiki Leaks begins to release several thousand hacked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.