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About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. 40 CHAPTER IV Lord Chesterfield to his Son 52 CHAPTER V A Private View of the Feudal Spirit ... tiiev might have learned to take their courage m tnen: h;n S: S^U^own. She rose herself, removed the cover of the bacon dish and lifted the lid of the coffee-pot to afford their contents every facility for getting cold.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. 63 CHAPTER VI Foreshadows the Need for a Hero and a Heroine . .25$ CHAPTER XXI In which our First Combdian makbs his Bow bbforb an apprbciativb audibncb . Writ Wng ill their be^atn^^ the surface underneath the mask assum^ ^^tta TS that it shone in a permanent smile of deferential coav SMiicb PRESENTS AN ENGLISH GENTLEMAN descension. " Pity they are so late," she remarked, pouring milk into a saucer and placing it at the disposal of a cat that was rubbing itself about her ankles. Broke was soon en- trenched behind the Standard newspaper, an operation he conducted patiently every morning in the year.

Our hero lowered it for a moment and was seen to read. " You were not going to know those people, I under- stood." '' Will nothing induce you to surrender a little to the age, my love ?

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You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I '*i KOKE Of COVENDEN NAITi t . Briggs STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES r i K ih \ t%m4^%m.t U$,0^%M4^3A. 75 CHAPTER VII Lb Nouveau Regime • , • 88 CHAPTER VIII Enter the True Prince in the Guise of a Dustman 103 CHAPTER IX Startling Development OF the Heroine. .115 CHAPTER X Tact : with Sidelights on the Sovereign Quality . 139 CONTENTS CHAPTBR XII PAGB Maud Waylino 146 CHAPTER XIII AVPORDS THB Sp BCTACLB OF A WOMAN OF THB WORLD COPING WITH Di FFICULTIBS 16$ CHAPTER XIV In which a Bomb is dspositbd right in thb Middlb of our Harmonious Narrativb 178 CHAPTER XV L'Egoismb a Dbux . i8j CHAPTER XVI Thb Noblbman out of thb Novblbttb .... 262 CHAPTER XXIl Thb Jumping of thb Lbssbr Wits .... They saw themselves as Fatima, who pushed back the door of Blue Beard's secret room to find the reality worse than the surmise. His fidelity to our national organ was so unswerving that when Sunday came he read the advertisements con- tained in the issue of the day before.

199 CHAPTER XVII An Excursion into Sbntimbnt jia CHAPTER XVIII A Short Excursus ; and a Convbrsation apropos of Nothing .... 277 CHAPTER XXIII A Dbscbnt into THB Av BRNus OF Broad Farcb . But they paid for their cowardice by having to rest content with half the truth. A look of amused indulgence lurked in the comers of her mouth as she regarded the vacant places at the table. The outlook of man and wife towards things and men could not have been more excellently poised than in their attitude towards this prop of the Constitution.

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In the eyes of Broke it was a virgin British newspaper, composed exclu- sively by gentlemen for the exclusive use of gentlemen ; in the eyes of Mrs.

Broke it took the place of Punch, the of&dal and no less portentous engine of the national humour.

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