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Our rent-free existence ends December 31, 2017 and my parents will charge us 0/month after that point.

This project had the secondary benefit of helping Anna and me learn very valuable skills, such as how to use a nail gun, a circular saw, a hole saw, a drill, a tubing cutter… We also learned how to communicate and plan a project, how to tile a floor, how to tile a wall, how to install various hardware and fixtures, how NOT to refinish a floor (don’t worry, it’s fine now), and just how aggravating it can be to work with the city permit office.

Indeed, most of our weekends in 2016 were dedicated to working on the house and bringing it from “glorified storage shed with questionable plumbing” to “fully functional home.” We had help at times when it was necessary, but the bulk of the work was done with our own blood (yes, there is some of my blood behind the tiles in the bathroom), sweat, and tears.

I have a pretty typical 9-to-5 cubicle job, and while I like the people I work with and my company has great benefits, I’m bored.I hate going to the same place at the same time every day, when I feel like I could get the job done in half the time and have so much more time for all of my other projects if I were able to work remotely.A few months ago, we bought a converted cargo van (paid for in full with cash) complete with a bed, stove, sink, a step towards our dream of traveling around the country in a van (specifically this van) for a year.Anna likes biking when she gets the chance as well as swimming in the ocean.

I love horseback riding (expensive…), writing, and knitting. Our Van Plan Another factor in our lives is our Van Plan.Now that the house renovation project is (mostly) finished, we finally have the space to breathe and think about our future.Neither of us is working our dream job and although Anna loves the logistics aspect of her job, the stress and long hours really get to her.We don’t have any pets although we recently adopted some plants and I’m hoping I don’t kill them…Our Hobbies When we aren’t working (which we wish was more often…), we’re usually cooking something scrumptious at home, inviting friends over for wine/cheese/homemade bread, or hiking in the beautiful Santa Monica or San Gabriel Mountains.That made my education much more affordable, allowing me to graduate with minimal debt, almost all of which was from that first year at NYU- ouch!